Rude Awakening or Not in the Budget                                                                 Released   July 30, 2015
    A funny look at one real estate investment gone bad. Enjoy the trials and tribulations of how author Pamela Flynt Knight endured through one of her rental properties.  You'll laugh because she's already done the crying. 


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Legendary Locals of Grand Prairie                                                      October 26, 2015

     Pictorial History of people and events in Grand Prairie

Why are You Here?                                                                                          Early 2017

     Stories of the volunteers for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie

Sufficient Grace                                                                                                                                       Released 2010
Poetry on the go
If you love poetry here's a beautiful coffee table book and book on CD, Sufficient Grace is as mobile as you are today.

Pamela Flynt Knight Non-Fiction Author

Encouragement for Daily Living


MGF Ventures encompasses both the services division and author products.

Living in the Fire                                                                                          Released 2013
Living in the Fire is not about instant miracles but living miracles -- how God manifests through circumstances in our lives to give us the strength, knowledge, and understanding we will need much further down the road.